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Grommets for Venco Number 3 Pottery Wheel

Grommets for Venco Number 3 Pottery Wheel

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If your wheel is making noises or has some broken plastic coming off it. Most likely you will need the grommets replaced. The grommets are small hard plastic bearings that are located on the inside and outside of your wheel. They will need replacing eventually, but last a loooooonnnnngggg time! 

  • You will need 4 x small and 4 x large to replace all the grommets of your wheel
  • Please note 5.95 is per grommet and not per 4. ie to replace all in one wheel you would need 8 all together.
  • You can google "how to replace grommets for a Venco Number 3 wheel" to get some videos on how to do it. 
  • You will need to heat up the grommets in boiling water to make it easier to apply
  • Alternatively you can contact a Venco repairer to have them do it for you
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