Other Pottery Equipment

Australian Pottery Supplies are also super excited to have, in addition with Kilncare, partnered up with Glastone Engineering.

Glastone engineering, along with Kilncare are based on Stoke on Trent in the UK and have been manufacturing pottery equipmnet for over 35 years. They supply a number of pottery equipment items including Slip pumps, spray booths, damp cabinets, jigger and jolly machines, moulds and much more. They are leading the way with sparay booths designed with our environment in mind.

Another family owned business, steaming from work with Wedgewood and Doultons, their equipment and customer support, again is next level.

All Gladstone equipment is hand built using only the best drives and components that are suitable for the product. They cast all their own castings, machine all the components machine, and do not sub contract to the cheapest bidder and therefore have a greater control in the finished product. All the machines are electrically tested and go through a pre delivery inspection to ensure that the machine is to the highest standard of finish. So again... top notch equipment, with amazing customer service!

Being linked closely with Klincare, Gladtone Engineering are literally Klincare's neighbours and good friends, making any purchases easy and seamless and are also backed by Australian Pottery Supplies.

Please note all Glastone engineering products as well as all Kilncare products are available on request. Please send us an enquiry if there is something you would like more information about. At times we may be able add items into an existing container if space, to reduce the shippping costs to you.

Slip Pump

The Gladstone Slip Pump has been designed as a highly versatile method of slip casting both for studio and hobby ceramics. The pump uses a rotary vaned design capable of giving a good, even flow. The pump also has an agitating effect on the slip keeping the slip in a usable condition for short periods of time, and it can also drain moulds by the use of a syphoning action. The slip pump is supplied with two metres of hose and a specifically designed professional slip gun.

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Spray Booth


The Gladstone spraybooth has been designed to meet the ever increasing need to protect our environment. The waterwash spraybooth works on the principle of a curtain of continuous recycling water running down the rear face of the spraybooth, a glaze spray is aimed towards this curtain, the spray being guided by a powerful extraction fan, the glaze is trapped by the water curtain, whilst the air stream is pulled through the booth and into a washable stainless steel pre filter and finally into a washable filter bag. The excess glaze is washed into the tank and can at a later date be reclaimed depending on the type and colour of the glaze. There is a ball valve to allow the water to be drained and the contents of the tank removed. Any glaze materials can also be removed and disposed of safely. The booth is mounted on four castor wheels. The G165 is primarily designed to be used by the studio potter and educational faculties for low volume production, therefore the booth does not need ducting to atmosphere making it portable around the studio environment.

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Damp Cabinet

Gladstone produce a range of Damp cabinets in varying sizes that are specifically designed for the safe storage of green ware. The basic construction consist of zinc coated sheet steel which is powder coated, each damp cabinet is fitted with neoprene door seals and a lockable door handle.The Damp cabinets are supplied as standard with four removable shelves which can be positioned at variable heights.

Drying Cabinet are also available on request. They have been specifically designed to aid the drying of plaster moulds and clay ware.The unit consists of a fabricated, zinc coated steel cabinet with two vertical hinged front opening doors which give unrestricted access to the four removable open mesh shelves. Each shelf can be positioned at different heights to allow for varying heights of moulds or ware.The heater unit is a ceramic heating element which has a variable power setting to control the amount of heat introduced into the cabinet.

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