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A message from Founder – Prue Morrison

Australian Pottery Supplies was founded after my love of ceramics grew to wanting to assist people in purchasing their own equipment. 

At a time of personal upheaval I sought to start something new. I enrolled in a few art classes, one a beginner wheel throwing course.  One class in and I was hooked. I was lucky enough to purchase a second hand older Venco wheel after that class, and my love grew for the art, the process, and the learning it produced grew.  I soon purchased an old ... haaa no ancient CESCO kiln I picked up for $200 that was equipped with an electric controller, and off I went. 

Throwing Pottery on The Wheel


It wasn’t long in and I had requests of people wanting to buy my work. A bit stunned, I gave in and started selling. Shortly after that some people I knew also wanted to learn. Sourcing a couple more secondhand Venco Wheels, I then began teaching. Having been a teacher and presenter on many different mediums my whole life, it wasn’t such a big jump for me. And I loved sharing the love! Loved sharing what pottery had done for me. Being such a moving meditation and mindfulness practice where you move through personally to create something out of that space. 

Glazing Pottery              Applying Under Glaze to Pottery

I set my classes up in a way that my students would learn enough in their course to be able to purchase a wheel and understand the process of clay and glazing enough to move forward themselves if they wished. Then came the next hurdle!! COVID and purchasing wheels!! 

My students found it challenging to purchase wheels. Australian Pottery Equipment was born (though operating under my own name – Prue Morrison Pottery for a couple of years). It soon grew… quite quickly. With the big “C” word floating around, many “home arts” saw a massive resurgence and people began to reflect on how these mediums are missing in our busy lives. 

I absolutely LOVE seeing the faces and excitement that new equipment, or someone’s first wheel or slab roller or pug mill, or the purchase of equipment to set up their studio’s or adding to their studio, produces. 


I chose initially with Venco as I knew their wheels and they had such an incredible reputation – with most of my wheels dating back to the 1980’s! Venco is an Australian Company and all products are made in WA, Australia. 

As the business grows, I appreciate every one of my customers and value their own artistic work. My aim through this is to also create a forum where we can share knowledge, experience, and grow a community that supports each other. I would love to see an online forum where there are studio’s listed and area’s that provide services such as firing and classes, to workshops and masterclasses. A directory of sorts linking everyone together, in a medium of community! If you would like to be added to the directory please get in touch.  

I love to live a varied life ... from a simple life with vegie garden and chooks in the back yard to travelling the world surfing and experiencing new cultures and experiences. I aim to give my kids a life where the small things matter... connection, nature, expansion and learning new things. I love the ocean, surfing, adventure and travel, and even more so sharing these experiences with my beautiful kids! They have travelled and experienced so much already. Like camping in the desert at the Bluff in WA and all over Victoria and NSW, to snorkeling Ningaloo reef, to rock climbing in the Grampians, to paragliding at Bright, surfing in our back yard, scuba diving, travelling overseas (when we were able haaaa!!).  I feel lucky to be able to share so much with them!

   Son and baby chicken