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What are bats?

Batts are round pieces of wood that attach to your wheel head and are removable. If you are planning on making plates, bowls or bigger pieces you will need batts unless you wish for the piece to dry on the wheel. I usually suggest for someone to start with one or two batts. If you are handy you can make your own once you have the prototype. If you are throwing you will need as many batts as you would make pieces in 1-3 days of throwing, as you need to wait for your piece to be leather hard before removing from the batt.

You can also check out the resources tab for a quick video explination.

What are pins?

Pins are basically screws that are in your wheel head via drilled holes in the wheel head. If you are making bigger pieces or plates and bowls you will need to use a “batt” to be able to remove the piece off the wheel head. There are a number of ways to attach the batt to the wheel head. One is by pins in the wheel head (screws that fit in the wheel head and with the holes in the batt they firmly fit over the screws). Please check out the video resources if you would like to find out more. The pins (screws) can be removed and the “pin plugs” can be screwed in to fill in the gap if you don’t want to use the pins. You can use other ways to attach the batt, such as a chuck (thrown piece of flattened clay straight on the wheel), or a chamois. For more info on this please click on the "resources" tab.

What is the warranty?

All Venco products come with a 3 year warranty. Please get in contact if you have any warranty concerns, we are here to help. Venco have a fantastic name for quality and durability, however if there are any concerns please let us know.

If there is a warranty issue, please contact us and we can organise the course of action. As a general rule any warranty issues are returned to either myself of your nearest Venco dealer to assess what needs fixing.

Where can I pick up?

Australian Pottery Supplies is located in Torquay, Victoria. However we deliver all over Victoria and Australia.

Items can be picked up from Spotswood, Torquay or Delivery can be arranged.

On the day the delivery comes into Melbourne from WA you are welcome to pick up from Spotswood as pre-organised.

Items can be picked up from Torquay any other time as pre-arranged.

There is times too that our staff are heading to Melbourne (Prue was once a week to attend SOCA in Brunswick until knee surgery).

Delivery can be arranged via local courier (cheaper but no tracking number), or via a company with tracking numbers (but is more expensive). For a quote of delivery for heavier/ bulky items please contact us by either email or phone.

Delivery Information and Requirements

We deliver all over Australia. And yes we can delivery all over the state, as well as in and around Melbourne.

Depending on location delivery can range from $100- $350 (NT delivery) for example for a pottery wheel.

If you would like delivery, please contact us with your postcode and we will be able to give you a quote. Insurance is also possible to add onto your delivery if you would like, as well as contact when the product is being delivered. Please note insurance covers loss and damage to your goods and not the delivery costs. Replacement of the product to be shipped out to you will be at your added expense. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes, however as the delivery is not under out control, we are unable to add insurance for the delivery of the items.

Once the product has left Australian Pottery Supplies, although we will do all we can, the timing and service of delivery is out of our hands. Australian Pottery Supplies has tried to make sure we have excellent delivery service, however we unfortunately have no control over handling or timing of delivery. We will estimate delivery times based on the estimate given to us. However if your product is delayed past the estimate we give you, please contact us and we will follow it up.

Insurance -please note if you choose to take out delivery insurance you need to notify us within 24 hours of any damage to your goods or we can not ensure your goods will be covered. This is given to us by our courier company and insurance company. In order for them to know your good were damaged in transit and not after delivery. Please note the insurance only includes damage to your goods. It does not include returned courier costs and goods returned to you.

There may also be an excess to be paid. On items it maybe be $100. We can only offer insurance as it is offered to us.

I have multiple wheels and am setting up a studio

If you have multiple wheels or equipment, Australian Pottery Supplies only charges one delivery fee.

Please note if you are ordering more than one wheel, Australian Pottery Supplies will need to adjust and order with our supplies accordingly (as we order with or without pins direct from our supplier). Consequently once a deposit or full payment made on your order it is taken as confirmation of your order, and your order can not be changed.

We are also setting up a directory of pottery studio’s on our website if you would like to be involved. The fee ($147) is wavered for people who have bought equipment from me. The directory will be a list of studio’s, with their location and what services they provide and also contact information.

What if I order on backorder?

If your product is not currently in stock, you are welcome to order on back order. To do so we require full payment to secure your order.

Please be advised that due to a high demand of pottery wheels and pug mills and production delays due to parts, most of these orders are pre sold prior to arrival. For an estimate of delivery of items please check each products individual page. We endevour to keep this updated. However if you are unsure or need a delivery by a certain time frame please get in contact for the latest update to delivery estimates.

Any estimated times of delivery are only estimates. Please be advised that although some products are made in Australia, some use parts from overseas. COVID is also playing its part in disruptions in production and delivery.

As much as possible Australian Pottery Supplies will keep you updated as to the status of your order. Ie if you have ordered a Venco product, we will notify you when the product has left WA. It is then approximately 5-10 days delivery into Melbourne. Once we have confirmation the order is in Melbourne, we will again contact you to confirm delivery or pick up details.

We thank you for your understanding that most of the delays in either production or delivery is out of Australian Pottery Supplies Control. However we will do our best to keep you updated.

Is the Mini Pug De-Airing?

No. the Mni Pug Mills are not De-airing. Altough some say they only have to wedge slightly after pugging, it is not de-airing.

If you want a de-airing pug mill, you have to choose the De-airing Model.

What is the difference between a Number 3 Wheel and a Direct Drive Pottery Wheel?

You can watch a Video on the resourses page on the differences. They both come with a 3 year warranty.

Basically though the DIRECT DRIVE

- Is faster and stronger

- Goes in both directions (perfect for left handers or classes)

- The pedal stays on when you remove your foot

- quieter than the number 3

- will last years


- Only goes anticlockwise (for right handed throwing)

- the wheel stops when you take your pedal off

- is very suitable for the beginner potter all the way through to the production potter

- will last years

- is cone driven

Are Courses Refundable?

Courses are non-refundable.

Please choose your dates wisely. As booking a course may take the place of someone else, or other courses can be added to cater for an increased number of participants, we can not refund course fee's.

HOWEVER - you are welcome to gift or on sell your course to someone else. If you are doing so please let us know and we can adjust the participants information on our records.

At times we may be able to move you to another course if there is one that is running co-currently as your course and if there are currently spaces left. However we do not hold credit for future courses.

We appreciate your understanding in our terms and conditions. Purchase of a course is taken as acceptance of these terms.

T & C

General Purchases and Cancellations of Australian Pottery Supplies (APS)

- Orders are non refundable, whether a deposit or full order is made. At times there may be the ability to change orders, that are at the sole discretion of Australian Pottery Supplies and its employees.

- Orders of more than 1 wheel are considered "Studio Orders" and are non refundable or changeable.

- Refunds are not given for a change of mind.

- Cancellations of orders are at the full discretion of APS and it's employees. If for whatever reason APS see's fit, they can choose to cancel any order and will in due course refund any money's paid as deposits or full amount of the order.

- If a product is not in stock, Australian Pottery Supplies will en devour to provide as accurate as possible information as to the likely due date of delivery. Please note these times frames are approximate only.


- any warranty issues need to be returned to place of purchase - ie Australian Pottery Supplies. At times it might be more applicable to return the goods to a closer agent to assess. If this is the case, we will advise as to the time and location for assessment. Once this assessment has been made we will liaise with the supplier as to the appropriate means of warranty claim.

- any mis use by the purchaser or any alterations of the product being purchased will void any warranty. This includes but not limited to, changing the wheel direction, movement of motor or parts, painting, blocking of outlet flow for pottery wheels.


We endeavor to dispatch all orders within7 days of payment being received. Production times can vary according to stock quantities, which can affect this time frame. On orders that are not currently in stock we will let you know approximate delivery times as an estimate. Please note this is only an estimate and Australian Pottery Supplies is not responsible for stock arrival times. We will endeavor to provide you with as much notice as possible and keep you updated as to any changes as we are informed.

Orders will be shipped via Australia Post or third-party courier services and be delivered between Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm excluding Public holidays (subject to their terms and conditions).

Please make sure all customer shipping details are correct as we cannot redirect any orders once they have been dispatched. All parcels are sent via the terms and conditions of the carrier and may require a signature upon delivery.In the event that there is no one in attendance at the nominated delivery address, couriers including Australia Post may leave a parcel collection card or instruction for arranging re-delivery.


Prior to use: Customers should always refer to the Safety Data Sheet / Specification Sheet as affixed to each product which are current at the time of supply of the product. The information provided is for educational purposes only. Individuals receiving this information must exercise their independent judgment in determining its appropriateness for a particular purpose or use. As the ordinary or otherwise use(s) of products is outside the control of Australian Pottery Supplies, no representation or warranty, expressed or implied, is made as to the effect(s) of such use(s), (including damage or injury), or the results obtained. Australian Pottery Supplies expressly disclaims responsibility as to the ordinary or otherwise use(s). Furthermore, nothing contained herein should be considered as a recommendation by Australian Pottery Supplies as to the fitness for any use. The liability of Australian Pottery Supplies is limited to the value of the goods and does not include any consequential losses. Australian Pottery Supplies shall not be liable for any errors or delays in the content, or for any actions taken in reliance thereon. Australian Pottery Supplies shall not be responsible for any damages resulting from use of or reliance upon this information.The user of the product is solely responsible for compliance with all laws and regulations applying to the use of the products, including intellectual property rights of third parties.The products contained in this website are represented in as true a manner, as photographic processes and printing will allow. The images contained in this website are for illustrative purposes only.