IKON Kilns

The list of things that make this range truly premium goes on and on. As you can see, every little detail has been covered in ensuring that IKON is the pinnacle of plug-in top loading pottery kilns.

Along with the IKON range's rapid rise in popularity since its release in 2019, more and more potters around the world are enjoying the benefits of these cutting-edge top-loading kilns.

One potter of note is the wonderful Keith Brymer Jones, who is Head of Design at MAKE International, is the designer behind the Keith Brymer Jones Word Range, and also very well known for his work as a judge on The Great Pottery Throw Down.

Here is what he has to say about his experience with his IKON V46 and Kilncare:

"I have to say it's brilliant. The firing ramp is very accurate, and the insulation is mind-blowing. I love it when you meet people with a passion".
Keith Brymer Jones


Highlights of the IKON

  • The IKON kilns are extremely efficient and utilise the Kilncare 2022 GX insulation system.
  • IKON V46 can complete an average 1280c stoneware firing using only 18kWH
  • uniquely recessed lid (helping to provide an ultra-reliable seal),
  • the element power being kept in a separate panel from the main electrical components to ensure that the components are kept as cool as possible during the fire process
  • easy to use KCR32C controller (which also comes with an optional extra of Wi-Fi)
  • truly unmatched in terms of performance, reliability, longevity and structure.

IKON KILNS (top loading)

3 year Warranty (excluding elements)
Available with or without wifi controller
Comes with Miropore as standard
Come with power outlet ready to plug in (10 AMP or 15 AMP only)

IKON KilnLitresPrice**Phases / KWAMPSInternal Side
External SizeMugsTemp 
V3030$7,279Single / 2.5KW
9.5D 416 mm
H 225 mm
W 725 mm
D 750 mm
H 775 mm
(10 per layer)
1315 °CLearn More
V4646$7,279Single / 3KW12.6D 416 mm
H 330 mm
W 725 mm
D 870 mm
H 775 mm
(10 per layer)
1315 °CLearn More
V61E61$8,079Single / 3KW12.6D 416 mm
H 445 mm
W 725 mm
D 870 mm
H 890 mm
(10 per layer)
1200 °CLearn More
V6161$8,079Single / 3.6KW15D 416 mm
H 445 mm
W 725 mm
D 870 mm
H 890 mm
(10 per layer)
 1315 °CLearn More

61$8,297Single / 5KW20.5D 416 mm
H 445 mm
W 725 mm
D 870 mm
H 890 mm
(10 per layer)
1315 °CLearn More
Available for Preorder
80TBC6 KW25
D 480 mm
H 445 mm
W 790mm
D 870 mm
H 890 mm

TBC1315 °CLearn More

Features (See summary of sizes, prices and specs below Features)


15A Plug-in Supply (for the V46, V61. V61E ) IKON V35 - 10 amp household plug.

The IKON V30 comes with a regular household 10 AMP plug. The V46, V61E and V61 come with a standard 15A plug and lead, allowing for you to simply plug it into the wall and get firing without having to worry about getting the kiln hardwired in! This also makes relocation a lot easier as you will just need to make sure that wherever it is going to has a socket. Please discuss this power source with a registered electrician to install a 15A plug and isolator.


Unique machined lid insert of three section seal

The IKON has a unique three section lid seal that massively improves heat retention. The first section is a machined insert in the brick lid that puts a brake on the heat before it reaches the second section, a traditional brick on brick contact which is what the majority of top loaders rely on as their only seal.
Section three is an outer lining of extremely low thermo-conductive fiber around the outside of the chamber that traps in any remaining heat that makes it through the first two sections of the seal.
This then gets taken one step further with the IKON V61GXR, which has an additional lid add-on that consists of GX Micropore "super" insulation, enclosed in a wrap of 100% 304 brushed stainless steel.


Excellently insulated chamber

The IKON's chambers consist of three layer chamber insulation, including GX Micropore “super” insulation (the IKON V61GXR has even more of this GX insulation, allowing it to perform so well for such a large plug in kiln). This is yet another feature of the IKON that contributes greatly to the range's immense efficiency.
Furthermore, at the bottom there is also double layer floor insulation with full stainless steel under plate.


Twin lid clamps

Keeping the lid and chamber securely sealed during firings is twin lid clamps on either side to keep even lid pressure when closed, along with padlock locking facility.


Chamber exhaust shutter.

Whilst chamber exhausts are common place on top loaders, the IKON is unique as it has a shutter that can vary the effectiveness of the exhaust, which is also larger than most, as well as close it all together when the efficiency of the kiln is most needed. This increases the efficiency of the kiln as it retains its heat when it most needs it.


Lower inlet

To combine with the upper outlet chumney, the IKON features a lower inlet port with a shutter raised from the kiln floor to avoid debris blockage.


Low level cool power panel, separate from element panel

The electrical components of the kiln are mounted at the rear of the kiln at low level, which keeps them distanced from the heating elements which are held in a separate panel, contrasting many of it's competitors. The mounting panel is highly ventilated and there is also an air space between the panel and the kiln chamber.
This ensures that the electrical components of the kiln are kept at minimum temperature which in turn vastly extends the life span of the components.


​Stainless Steel chamber and lid

The IKON's chamber and lid are 100% 304 brushed stainless steel. This provides the kiln with a strong, resilient body that will be able to face the heat for much longer without the integrity of the metal becoming compromised due to rust.


Twin gas spring lid lifts.

The lid of the IKON is lifted with a gas spring on either side so that the pressure of lifting the lid is even across it and so vastly reducing twist and cross pressure on the brickwork. As mentioned previously, this is helped by the skeleton sub frame.
Twin gas springs ensure that the lid weight is counteracted to such a degree that even if the lid is accidentally knocked whilst in the vertical position, its decent will be controlled and not reult in brickwork damage.


​Over-fire and door switch safety

Each IKON consists of a dual channel lid safety cut off switch along with a dual contactor lid cut off circuit, which also acts as a dual contactor over fire protection circuit, making the kiln extremely safe.


Strong skeleton sub frame

The IKON is ultra strong due to the skeleton sub frame that the chamber sits on. A common issue with top loaders is the pressure and movement that is generated as the lid is open and closed and ultimately this will add strains to the chamber that can cause damage.
The skeleton sub frame effectively leaves the chamber free to sit there and simply do its planned job of heating the ware inside whilst the skeleton does all of the physical work.


Lockable swivel castors

The kilns that fall under the IKON range all feature 2 heavy duty swivel castors at the front, along with two solid castors at the rear. This makes movement of the kiln much easier than some of its rivals.


​Kanthal A1 elements

The IKON range, along with the vast majority of Kilncare kilns, utilises Kanthal A1 elements (which are widely regarded as the best quality elements available), ensuring unbeatable reliability and durability.


Solid state relay control switching

Inside the panel is the Solid State Relay which enables the kiln to have optimum control and due to there being no moving components in the Solid State Relay, there is no wear so ensuring maximum reliablity. No moving parts also means that the kiln is near silent in operation apart from the traditional buzz of the elements.


Optional kiln Furniture Set

The optional kiln furniture set comprises of (V46) 2 shelves of 368mm, 3 props of 25mm, 3 props of 50mm, 3 props of 75mm and three props of 100mm or (V61) 3 shelves of 368mm, 3 props of 25mm, 3 props of 50mm, 3 props of 75mm and three props of 100mm


Optional Wi-Fi compatibility

The optional KCR32C WiFi allows the user to access the kiln in real time from anywhere with internet access via the Kilncare GATEway on our website. The benefits of this are obvious as there is no longer the need to travel to the studio or work place to see how the firing is proceeding or if indeed the firing is going as planned.Also in the GATEway, which is unique to each user via password access, there is a firings library where past firings can be stored and named, a notes section and a log amongst other features.

Learn more about the Controllers

3 Year Warranty

The IKON range comes with a 3 year warranty that applies for all parts (excluding elements). The fact that we are able to offer such a long warranty on these kilns just goes to show how well made they are and how they are truly built to last.


Made In The UK

The IKON range, along with all other Kilncare kilns, is made right here at Kilncare, in Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom.


Unrivalled aftercare

Here at Kilncare we really do pride ourselves on our customer service. We have a team of kiln experts at hand that will be there for you whenever you find yourself with any queries or worries who will do their absolute best to ensure that you can continue your pottery journey as problem free as possible.
We really do go the extra mile when it comes to customer service, which you can see for yourself by taking a quick look at our online reviews.

Still need help?

If you have any questions, need help choosing your kiln or are looking at fitting out a studio please get in touch using the form below or email us directly at support@australianpotterysupplies.com.au and we will be back to you asap.