About Kilncare UK

Australian Pottery Supplies are super excited to have partnered up with Kilncare and stock their complete range of kilns and ceramic equipment direct from the UK's well known pottery hub "Stoke on Trent".

Kilncare have operated for over 40 years, are reknown for quality, reliabilty, durability and amazing after sales support.

But don't just take our word for it, just have a read of some of the happy customers....

"What can I say other than you guys (Kilncare) are the best! Great Products, ease of use, reliabitliyt and ongoing support not just for months but years!"
Joan Dutton

"A very long time customer since 2002, currently a collection of 4 klins... superior design and construction, totally fnatastic cusomter service and all round good guys. I have had virtually nothing go wrong with the klins, no element troubles, no contact problems, and very econoical to use. Luckily I'm on single phasse otherwise I'd have a shed full of them!"


Keith Brymer Jones
Master potter and head judge of "the Great Pottery Throw Down" based in UK.

"It's brilliant! The firing ramp is very accurate, and the insulation is mind-blowing. I love it when you meet people with a passion".

Kilncare is one of UK's leading innovators of Glass and Ceramic Kilns and continue to develop their kilns using the latest technology and emerging materials including the latest WIFI controllers with remote access via their Kilncare ap. Dang what is up next! Logging all your firings so no more labourious tasks on that end!

We will be adding more kilns to our range - including the newly developed IKON 80, hopefully launching early next year. To keep up to date with our launches please subscribe to our email list.

We have listed the most popular products here on our website. However if you would like one of their products that are not listed, we are more than happy to liaise with the brilliant team at Kilncare to provide you with the product you are after.

All warranty issues will be resolved with Australian Pottery Supplies who will comunicate with the owners and kiln developers at Kilncare directly and our much valued and experienced Kiln tech, Jarrod to provide speedy and unrivalled care to all our valued customers. We will stock some of the most common items needed as well as have the ability to order within a week anything we don't have currently in stock.


In Partnership with Kilncare UK.

"This company goes above and beyond. I have a Hobbyfuser and aftercare (from Kilncare) has been wonderful. Great people who are so helpful and talk to you rather than at you. Excellent kiln. Good solid build and a great workhorse"
Tan Grey

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So, Who Are Kilncare?

Founded by Kiln engineer, Brian Sherwin in 1982 by initially servicing and repairing kilns, it soon grew into manufacuting kilns. Brian was joined by his entreprenerial son, Lee in 1985 and more recently Brian's Grandson, Jake in 2015. So 3 generations all in the one place!

"Love my kilncare. A faithful, loyal, treasured companion. I can't remember a time wihtout it. Equally the time, help, support and kindness from Klincare has been invaluable. The team at kilncare are quite literally a ray of sunshine!"
Hannah Gibson Glass

"Here at Fired Glass we run workshops 4 days a week and run out kilns every day... Kilncare service is legendary. Have recomended Kilncare over and over to students looking to start their own studio and will continue to do so."
Jill Tisbury, Firedglass UK

"I love the boys at kilncare too... and the kilns"

The crew at Kilncare have been such a pleasure to deal with, and we are super excited to partner with such a well known and prestigious company.

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About the Kilns

Kilncare manufacture and stock both Ceramic and Glass kilns as well as many other specialist pottery equipment such as spray booths, dry cabinets and slip pumps.

We have a full list of the specifications, sizes, firing temperatures and AMPs etc on the specific Kilns pages which are highlighted here. 

he IKON range all utilise the super insualiton "micropore".  Making the kilns even more energy efficient starting at just 18 KW per stoneware firing for the smallest kiln. The Artizan and Epic ranges can be upgraded (at an additonal cost) making them approximately 20 % or more efficient than they already are!! (Just be aware this insulation which is amazing at heat retention, of course will slow the cooling of the kiln, which may be a consideration for you).

The glass kilns can start at only 4, 5 and 6 KW per firing! These numbers not only save in your electricity bill, but will prolong the life of your kiln.

All IKON kilns come with castors as standard, and the glass kilns have added options for the stands and castors.

or more informaiton about the kilns head over HERE

"I love my Kilncare glass fusing kiln. So reliable"

After Sales Servicing and Warranty

You can be rest assured having Jared on our team any issues you may have will be serviced and sorted as quickly as possible. He is also there as a support to discuss your needs, as well as install, maintain, service, and in the unlikely need of any warranty issues sort them out as quickly as possible.

All warranty issues will be resolved with Australian Pottery Supplies who will liaise directly with the owners and kiln developers at Kilncare directly and Jarrod to provide speedy and unrivalled care to all our valued customers. We will stock some of the most common items needed as well as have the ability to order within a week anything we don't have currently in stock.

Jared is an A-Class electrician with an Instrumentation & Control qualification.

With a back ground of approximately 13 years working for various companies, including working with IndustElec as a kiln tech for over 4 years nearly exclusively repairing, servicing, upgrading & installing electric kilns and associated equipment necessary for ceramic production. After this time he decided to set up his own Electrical Contracting Business, Foxtrot Electrical Services.

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Hear why Kilncare is so loved.

I bought an Ikon V46 in spring 21 and it's outstanding. It's never failed me, it's a super solid quality kiln. The firings are consistent and reliable. It also looks great and as an absolute bonus for me it's made in Stoke.

Jane Rowle, UK

I’ve had my hobby Fuser 3 with stand and KCR2 controller for around 10 years. Still working as well now as the day it arrived. It is easy to use and a good size, enough to allow multiple small pieces or a large one or two at a time. I started as a complete novice and still love learning and my kiln has helped make programming easy. It comes with preprogrammed schedules and these are a great staring point but if you want to tweak or change completely it is very simple to do. I really love my kiln and aspire to have another. Customer service is great to with Kilncare, I’ve never had problems with the kiln but have contacted for advice when trying new things out and the response was friendly, quick and thorough.

Jane Kennedy, UK