About the Kiln Range

"It's brilliant! The firing ramp is very accurate, and the insulation is mind-blowing. I love it when you meet people with a passion".

Keith Brymer Jones
Master potter and head judge of "the Great Pottery Throw Down" based in UK

Australian Pottery Supplies are proud to have partnered up with Kilncare to bring you their amazing range of products with such an outstanding name in the pottery and glass kiln community in the UK to bring them over to the Australian crew!  We have listed the most popular products here on our website. However if you would like one of their products that are not listed here, we are more than happy to liaise with the brilliant team at Kilncare to provide you with the product you are after.

We are so excited to have on board a crew from Stoke on Trent, UK which includes Kilncare, Gladstone Engineering and Stafford Controllers. As they are literally all neighbours, trouble shooting and support for all your products is top notch as they can also all communicate and get to the source of any issues and help you out!

Please note we crate up all the kilns individually for Shipping to reduce movement of the kilns and any elements. They come ready to be shipped to you, reducing the time taken to turn them around, as well as reducing any chance of damage on their way to their new home.


Galss Kilns - 4 year warranty, INCLUDING elements

IKON - 3 year warranty - EXCLUDING elements

ARTIZAN/ EPIK - 2 year warranty - EXCLUDING elements


The range of Glass kilns by Kilncare are second to none.

Ranging from the Hoby fuser through to the Eco and the Cub fuser, all kilns are built with insane technology that not only provide amazing performance but for as little as 4, 5 and 6 KWH usage the most econoimical models yet!

All models utilise Kilncare 2022 GX insulation.

All kilns Glass Kilns come with an amazing 4 year warranty backed by the Australian Pottery Supplies and Kilncare name. Both Companies strive for the ultimate customer service and hold any warranty issues with the utmost importance.

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THE IKON RANGE - Top Loading Kilns

The IKON range is a dream for hobby-potters and professionals alike. Hundreds of hours went into the design of the IKONs to ensure that they are truly unmatched in terms of performance, reliability, longevity and structure. From its uniquely recessed lid (helping to provide an ultra-reliable seal), to its variable chamber exhaust that requires no bung. Add to that the easy to use KCR32C controller (which also comes with an optional extra of Wi-Fi); the list of things that make this range truly premium goes on and on.

** KION 80 (80 litre) has been developed and is ready for release into our market! super excited to bring a couple of these into Australia on the next shipment in early June 2024

 All IKON Kilns use 3-layer “micropore” super insulation and includes 3 year warranty that applies for all parts (excluding elements).

"I have two of the Ikon kilns. I absolutelly LOVE these kilns. They are absolutely amazing.I would recommend it to anyone. I have the smaller one and the larger one. They are very easy to use. Can't fault the customer care. If you are thinking of buying a kiln and its your first kiln, I would definately go for one of these."

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ARTIZAN & EPIK KILNS - Front Loading KIlns

Kilns in the ARTIZAN/EPIC range utilze some of UK's most traditional and time tested methods and techniques to provide acurate firing front loading kilns that are built to withstand firing after firing. The kilns are made using the highest quality bricks and backing boards as efficiency is becoming more of an issue these days. As with all of Kilncares kilns, function and durability take priority.

Please note that all ARTIZAN klins up to and including the 200 can connect to either single or 3 phase/ neutral. There is a link bar that is either fitted for single phase or left out for 3 phase. This is to be done by your electrician. The link bar is provided. However as single phase and 3 phase wiring is different, you will need to get your electrican to instal the lead as we do not supply the leads. This allows for flexibiilty with your wiring.

The ARTIZAN 265 is 3 phase/neutral only.

From top quality insulation, to top quality elements, to a controller that enables highly complex firings and Wi-Fi capability, this really is a seriously effective range of kilns.

Can be upgraded to the super economic Micropore for extra 10% on price (even further reduces electricity use).

The ARTIZAN and EPIK range comes with a 24 month warranty that applies for all parts excluding elements.

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All our kilns come with a quality Stafford KCR32C controller. Every kiln can have WIFI as an option. However WIFI is standard on Deluxe-fuser, Elite-fuser and Grand-fuser, glass kilns.

Stafford are well known for being the top controllers in the industry for reliability, consistency and ease of use. They have been operating for over 25 years also on "Stoke on Trent" in the UK and come with a 24 month warranty.

All controllers come with 32 different programming capacities for complex firing. Setting 22 and 23 is already set for a pre-firing setting before you use the klin.

WIFI compatibility

For all those “can’t wait to see and know what is going on in my kiln types” all controllers can be upgraded to WIFI compatibility (for an additional cost) which is linked to the Kilncare's GATEWAY ap. This allows remote access to controls and logs via a pc, tablet or mobile phones. And allows you to see the real time temperature of the kiln as it changes, the progrma that is firing and any erros that appear.

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Australian Pottery Supplies are also super excited to have, in addition with Kilncare, partnered up with Glastone Engineering.

Glastone engineering, along with Kilncare are based on Stoke on Trent in the UK and have been manufacturing pottery equipmnet for over 35 years. They supply a number of pottery equipment items including Slip pumps, spray booths, damp cabinets, jigger and jolly machines, moulds and much more.

So you might be realising by now ... all these guys have been in the pottery business for 25-40 odd years each. And are just around the corner from each other! Making our life easier to problem solve any issues that may arise with the products or controllers!

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Hear why Kilncare is so loved.

"A fabulously reliable plug in kiln that reaches top porcelain/stoneware temps and has incredible insulation, making it more economical to fire. 

Really well constructed and comes with features as standard that other similar kilns charge as extras (eg wheels). The wifi controller is another boon as you then have your kiln log created digitally - would not be without this."

Bev Stevens, UK

"What can i say other than that you're the best with your kilns being made in UK and for great products, ease of use, reliability and ongoing support not just for months but years! I would definitely recommend Kilncare."

Joan Dutton, UK